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Hey there, groovy cats and funky kittens! 🐱🌈 Are you ready to taste the sweetest strawberries and the ripest bananas in town? Then you gotta get your hands on our latest ejuice - Strawberry Banana! ðŸ“🍌

Our flavour gurus in Hawke's Bay have blended these two delicious fruits together in a way that'll have your taste buds doing the funky chicken. 🐔 And with our ultra-smooth nicotine salts, you'll get a buzz that's smoother than a disco ball. ✨

This ejuice comes in authentic Chubby Gorilla bottles, so you know you're getting the real deal. And with a 50/50 PG/VG ratio, you'll get clouds that'll make you feel like you're dancing on air. ☁️

So if you're ready to rock and roll with the tastiest e-juice around, grab yourself a bottle of Strawberry Banana. Made with love (in a very funky way), this ejuice is the grooviest thing to hit the vaping scene since platform shoes and lava lamps. 🕺✌️



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